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For over 20 years Coro’s been bouncin’ to a different beat in Seattle. We’ve worked to master the art of old world salumi but have never been bound its traditions. We’re after something more, something fresh, something uniquely delicious.

With careful craftsmanship and untamed imagination, we turn the finest all-natural ingredients into sensationally inventive flavors. Explore, improvise, refine, repeat. That’s how we do it. There’s just one rule: it’s gotta be damn good or it ain’t good enough.

HERB & CAPER SPREAD per 9 oz jar

It’s easy bein’ green with a slather of our Herb & Caper Spread. It’s bright, savory, and herbaceous and will soon be a staple in your kitchen because of its versatility. It’s a sandwich spread. It’s a dressing for whatever you grill. It’s even a dip if you like a good dunk.

Pairing Ideas? Makes a heck of a chimichurri for pork chops. Also spreads nicely on almost any Coro salami sandwich you can invent. We love it too for vinaigrette dressings or marinades, especially a choice cut of halibut. 


Our take on the heralded Italian relish, made with fresh vegetables marinated in olive oil and red wine vinegar, has been a fan favorite at our deli for over a decade. Sandwiches have been thanking us for just as long.

Pairing Ideas? It’ll blow your mind on an Italian beef sandwich, whether you’re in Chicago or not. It’s perfect on literally any sandwich, but especially ones with heaps of Coro salami. On a hot dog? Oh yes please.

PLUM MUSTARD per 9 oz jar

When you need a bit of vim, vam, or voom, this has you covered. Our Plum Mustard is sweet and tangy but doesn’t forget about the spice of life. From a charcuterie board to a sammie, it gives a little bit ‘o zing to everything.

Pairing ideas? You could start and end with a helping on your Cubano sandwich every day. It’s perfect on tenderloin or porchetta, a popular choice ‘round here. Give it a ride on Coro’s Hot Sopp or Finocchiona salamis (or both) and you’ll be more than happy you did.  


Marmalade’s not just for toast (but sure does help there). Our signature house marmalade is sweet and aromatic so you can use it when you need a treat, just for kicks, or to cut through something sharp or salty.

Pairing ideas? Great on crostini with a sharp cheese. Delectable on desserts like olive oil cake or any ‘ole pie. Spot on for a sandwiches—we like it with Coro Mole salami, cheese and arugula. It’s the jam too with a simple slice of Coro Agrumi salami and goat cheese.