Owner Ross Driscoll Awarded Certificate of Sensory Aptitude from ONAOO

Drizzle Owner, Ross Driscoll attended the Technical Course for Aspiring Olive Oil Tasters administered by Dr. Mauro Amelio, Scientific Advisor of ONAOO.

A Graduate in Chemistry, Mauro Amelio has been dealing with physical-chemical quality control, sensory evaluation and manufacturing process of a primary Italian olive oil company for many years. Since 1993, he has co-operated with ONAOO as a teacher, taster and scientific advisor. In 1997 he received the Panel Leader qualification by the International Olive Council (IOC). He is also co-author of scientific papers on methods to analyze olive oils. “The oldest olive oil tasting school in the world has developed a training methodology over the years that deals with every phase of the production process for olive oil, developing the various themes from the standpoint of being completely open towards the Mediterranean and extra-Mediterranean production areas.” 

Ross passed the sensory analysis test with "flying colors" and achieved his Certificate of Sensory Aptitude! Congratulations Ross!


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