Our Family

We're Ross and Dana Driscoll, owners and operators of Drizzle Olive Oil and Vinegar Tasting Room! Our three young children were born in Bellingham; we love raising our family in Whatcom County and are committed to giving back to the community that we so love! We cherish our relationship with the Bradley family of Veronica Foods and work together to purvey the freshest, sensory and chemically analyzed olive oils in the world and deliver them fresh to the Pacific Northwest!

At Drizzle, we are passionate about olive oil - in fact we are so passionate that we ONLY select olive oils that meet our strict standards. We realize that there is an enormous amount of information circulating regarding the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, unfortunately many of the olive oils available offer little to zero of the benefits that they claim! Drizzle Olive Oils are chemically analyzed at the time of crush and arrive in our fustis, ready for the bottle in a matter of weeks! As a RN, BSN, Oncology Certified Nurse, Dana trusts and believes in the value of antioxidants and heart healthy monounsaturated fats. We would love to educate you about the chemistry of our oils and their inherent health benefits!

Crush date, country of origin, milling, transporting, storing and bottling techniques, chemical analysis, and sensory evaluations are essential in ensuring the integrity of quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our staff has participated in the Practical Tasting Session and Sensory Olive Oil Course offered by ONAOO (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Olio di Oliva), the first and most respect Worldwide School of Olive Oil Tasting. In fact, our founder, Ross Driscoll, passed the Examination for Professional Olive Oil Tasters and has joined an elite group of sensory evaluators!