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Pomegranate Balsamic Glazed Grilled Rib Eye Steaks

Posted by Andy Nguyen on

1/3 cup Drizzle Pomegranate Balsamic

1/4 cup Drizzle Ultra Premium Olive Oil of your choice (we reccommend Basil)

1 Tbs Dijon mustard

2 teaspoons sea salt 



Prepare the grill or broiler. In a medium bowl, whisk the mustard with the salt, and balsamic until blended thoroughly. Slowly drizzle in the olive oil whisking quickly and continuously. The marinade should become thick and emulsified.   In a seal-able container or large zip lock bag, place up to four rib-eye steaks and thoroughly coat with the marinade. Refrigerate and marinate for 4-6 hours, turning the steaks at least once during the process.


Proceed with grilling or broiling the steaks. After cooking, allow the steaks to rest, loosely covered at room temperature for 10 minutes before serving.


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